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Born in the Basque Country, Ibai Cabrero Aransay is a amateur photographer from Bilbao. His work is oriented to a metaphoric view, a little piece of history or any picture with something more than beauty.

The abandoned Bilbao plant

the abandoned Bilbao plant

Bilbao, Vizcaya (Spain)

In the Basque Country there are several generations who have grown up by drinking milk from the Beyena company, a regional source of pride, well...
The abandoned Babcock & Wilcox plant of Sestao

the abandoned Babcock & Wilcox plant of Sestao

Sestao, Vizcaya (Spain)

The history of the Babcock & Wilcox in the Galindo valley began during the First World War when the difficulties of the Compañía de los Caminos de Hierro del Norte de España will result in the sale of the plant to the Babcock & Wilcox...