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Our work and the respect of the places we visit

First of all, Urbex Playground is about urban and rural photography lovers. It is the respect of the places we have visited and to whom we have a great admiration. By its contents, Urbex Playground wishes to preserve the memory of these abandoned, destroyed or dilapidated places who have made the glory of our fathers and for which today we have, alas, not enough compassion.

We are not vandals or people necessarily involved in the preservation of these places. We do not pretend to believe that our pictures will change anything in the future of these churches, factories, homes and other abandoned buildings. We're just passionate about the image in the perpetual quest for new  photographic challenges.

Urbex Playground is not a photo club, any more than we are touristic guides for these forbidden places. Moreover, in any case, Urbex Playground do not invites you to visit these places without the consent of its owners. These places are dangerous and by entering into these places, legal actions can be taken against you.

However, if you have pictures or information about any abandoned places, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to publish them on the site, including your credit with your name and your website. Like this, our visitors will be able to visite your own website. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Finally, if you'd like to send some money to Urbex Playground, it's always appreciated. The amount of your donation is at your discretion. You can also click on the advertisement banners. For your information, every click means about $ 0.10 in our pockets, but do not put yourself to click endlessly ... Yahoo is not crazy!

They talk about us

Since we have launched Urbex Playground, we got the chance to see our work promoted on many websites and other media. Here is the complete list of these sites: