The abandoned loyalist mansion
The abandoned loyalist mansion

The abandoned loyalist mansion

The abandoned loyalist mansion

Little paradise in the countryside

Eastern Townships (Quebec), Canada

Located in the Eastern Townships, this loyalist manor house with its chic style reminiscent of the homes in New England. It seems abandoned for quite some time, although it is remarkably well preserved. There has been some vandalism in the rooms upstairs where thugs broke down the walls), but the site still show a large peaceful  feeling since its abandonment.

For the rest, everything is clean, given the circumstances. In fact, we found no trace of water infiltration or mold. The floors are straight, tapestries adorning almost all rooms are in excellent condition and there are no graffiti at all. In short, it is almost a miracle. You will understand why I will not be very talkative about its location in order to preserve the peace.

It's been several times that I stopped there, but because the place is barricaded, including a row of barbed wire, I had never been able to go over there. But this time we got lucky.

In short, once entered, the first thing that surprised us was the cleanliness. I was thinking myself: maybe I should wear slippers? But hey, we still wiped our feets at the entrance. We're urbexers, not dirty pigs.

Thus, when entering the house, we have in front of us a rather long narrow corridor that allows us to discover the kitchen to the left where there is a large red brick fireplace. The decor reminds us the 1980s, although that tapestry evokes an earlier era. A door then leads us into the dining room which contains, also, a large red brick fireplace. The room is on the whole, not very large, but is decorated with good taste.

We then cross the corridor to go on the right side of the house where there is a large lounge occupying the equivalent of the kitchen and dining room. Again, sits at the center of the room on the right wall of a large red brick fireplace. Definitely the former occupants were great romantic or very sensitive to cold.

We then climb to the first floor via the stairs where few rungs are missing and where the ramp is in remarkable condition. At the top, this is where it all begins to spoil. All of the three bedrooms have seen the walls of their wardrobe completely destroyed. It seems like the vandals were looking for something specific (silver, necklaces, etc..) Or they were looking for to destroy the bullhorn connected to the alarm system. To see the damage, the first option seems more plausible.

Covered with a gray carpet without any personality, the first floor is rather modest, including the bathroom where a bath is straight out of the 1980s.

The staircase leading to the attic rooms is in the same shape as the bottom one. And the rooms were vandalized as the lower ones too. In short, apart from the selective destruction, everything is in order and the house could be sold as is.

Once our visit completed, we took a look at the garage adjacent to the house, but the latter showed no interest to us. Cleaner than the house, it was occupied by large white plastic crates, who probably contain fertilizers or pesticides.

Few more pictures from the outside and then we left the mansion to continue our rurex day looking for new adventures.

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