Known as Fractured Porcelain Photography

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Known as Fractured Porcelain Photography

Melissa is a photographer from Poughkeepsie, NY.

Miss Peregrine’s College for Girls

the abandoned college for Girls

Upstate, New York (United States)

The College for Girls was founded in 1890 and in 1907 moved to its final home on 22 acres in Upstate, New York. In 1907 the school had an enrollment...
Ravenloft Castle

the Ravenloft Castle

Upstate, New York (United States)

Ravenloft Castle is hidden deep into the woods outside a small town in upstate New York. Construction began during the early years of World War I. Unfortunately, the owner never had the chance to live in it, as he died three years before the...

Riverside Psychiatric Center

the Riverside Psychiatric Center

Riverside, New York (United States)

Riverside Psychiatric Center is a former New York State Psychiatric Hospital which was open from 1873 to the early 2000’s. The hospital was meant to hold 300 patients of either sex. However, the female wing of the hospital was built shorter than the...