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Photographer / Explorer

Started digital photography as a leisure activity in 2001, Frédéric specializes himself in wildlife, nature and abandoned places photography. On a professional level, it is a Senior website developer with extensive knowledge of web and mobile technologies.

The Brock tunnel

the Brock tunnel, relic of the past

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

Named after General Isaac Brock died at the Battle of Queestown October 13, 1812 (conflict between Canada and the United States, where the British...
5 explorers in the former incinerator des Carrières in Montreal

the former incinerator # 3

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

Abandoned since December 1993, the former incinerator des Carrières, known as the incinerator # 3 is now partly used as a warehouse by the City of Montreal. It is also one of the few places where there have power in a portion of the building....

Mansion of Frederick Redpath, Ontario av., Montreal, QC, around 1890

the agony of the Redpath mansion

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

Partially destroyed in 1986 (nearly 40% was razed) and now totally neglected, the Redpath Mansion was designed by architect Sir Andrew Taylor and built for Francis Robert Redpath, a member of the rich family who worked on the construction of the...