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Ontario based, Kendrah is a Urban Explorer, a zombie fanatic and a blog artist. She is been Exploring, documenting, and photographing abandonment since late 2012. Urbex is her specialty, everything else is for fun.

The almost abandoned Beaver Creek Free Methodist church

the almost abandoned Beaver Creek Free Methodist church

Built in 1895, the Beaver Creek Free Methodist Church is almost abandoned. Even if the church is actually still in use a few weeks of the year, the...
The abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

the abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

Laurel, Maryland (United States)

The words are inscribed on a weathered bronze plaque, marking the entryway to the administration building at Forest Haven Asylum.

Located in Laurel, Maryland, the Forest Haven Institute was notorious for its poor conditions and abuse of...

The abandoned boys institute

the abandoned boys institute

Cecil County, Maryland (United States)

Located at the north of Baltimore, this Beaux-Arts influenced Gregorian Revival style by N.Y. architects Boring and Tilton buildings was one of the oldest school of Maryland before its closure in the 90s. The 330 acre campus is constituted of three...
Hotel Adler, the abandoned bathhouse - Photo by Diane Landro

the abandoned bathhouse

Sharon Springs, New York (United States)

The 150-room Adler Hotel on the northern edge of the village with its Spanish style architecture was the last great hotel built prior to the great depression in Sharon Springs. The five-story hotel opened in 1927 and closed after the 2004 summer...