The old military building
The old military building

The old military building

The old military building

Remains of the Second World War

Montréal (Quebec), Canada

We are in 1943 and the war has been raging for four years. While the old continent is fighting against Nazism, distant colonies and dominions are subject to the war effort. In Canada, the federal government completes the construction in Montreal of the Defence Industry Ltd, broad military complex who is devoted to "parachute packing" (putting parachutes in backpacks). The plant is large and the workforce is predominantly women.

At the end of the war, instead of being abandoned, the building is converted into a rehabilitation center for veterans of the Second World War. Moreover, in 1946, the complex was renamed as the War Assets Corps Warehouse # 14, after a year of operation under the name of Commercial College of Rehabilitation for Vets. Therefore, it is used as an administrative office for military equipment.

In the 1950s, the building changes its vocation and name again. It becomes the Raymond Hdws Ltd. Industrial spaces are developed and the military origins of this complex are left to history books.

Today, much of the 430,000 square foot complex is desert but it sometimes serves as a movie set.

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