The abandoned Kingston Speedway
The abandoned Kingston Speedway

The abandoned Kingston Speedway

The abandoned Kingston Speedway

From a speedway to a quarry

Kingston (Ontario), Canada

Built by Rod Cutway in 1951, the Kingston Speedway didn't had any lights and no grandstands when the track first opened.  The first race was held in the fall of 1951, and Tony Blake won the race. Sold two years later, the new owners will erected a 3500 seat grandstand, built a concrete wall along the frontstretch, and shortened the track from 3/8 of a mile that Rod Cutway configured, to a 1/4 mile track.

The speedway will be sold three years later and few more time in the following decades. At the end of the 1976 season, during the last event of the season, drivers attempted to hold out, because they felt the purse money was not sufficient enough.  They told the promoters that they would not race until they were getting paid more money for their efforts. Earl Bilow, who owned the property, and the adjacent auto parts business, could not offer any more money to the purse.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, a troubled economy, and a failure to keep management in place forced Bilow to sell the property.  The limestone that surrounded the track was more valuable to Bilow then the racing was, and he was made an offer for the land that he couldn't refuse.  The site was turned into a quarry.  The last race of the 1976 season turned out to be the last race ever run at the Kingston Speedway.  The site is still being used as a quarry.

Source: Speedway nostalgy

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